Accelerating biomedical research and precision medicine through open standards, open data, and free and open source software.

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Arvados is an open source platform for managing, processing, and sharing genomic and other large scientific and biomedical data.

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Curii offers Arvados products and services to:

  • Placeholder Alt Text Install, support, upgrade, and maintain your Arvados clusters
  • Placeholder Alt Text Develop improvements to Arvados to address your specific needs and timelines
  • Placeholder Alt Text Provide domain-specific support for your Arvados-based applications
  • Placeholder Alt Text Train end-users and system administrators

We enjoy working with researchers and colleagues that share our passion for free software and open science. However, we appreciate that many organizations will use our open technologies as building blocks to develop their own proprietary solutions. No matter your use case, we can help you use Arvados to its fullest potential.


We work with open standards, open cells, open data, and free and open source software to accelerate precision medicine and biomedical research for everyone.

At Curii, we are:

  • Performance Icon Developing Arvados an open-source platform designed to handle the challenges associated with storing and organizing large biomedical data and running reproducible workflows at scale.
  • Connections Icon Creating novel methods for performing fast querying and machine learning on large genomic datasets
  • DNA Icon Assisting projects that focus on open biomedical data and standards
    (e.g. Personal Genome Project , CWL , GA4GH , GIAB , and Coronavirus Standards Working Group )


In 2005, George Church elucidated a vision of building a global and public resource with a million sequenced and phenotyped individuals known as the Personal Genome Project (PGP). Curii is the software company founded by George, Sarah Wait Zaranek, Tom Clegg, Alexander (Sasha) Wait Zaranek, and Ward Vandewege that grew out of designing software to scale that project. Curii retains an open science mission; free and open software, open data and samples, and open standards.


George Church


Sarah Wait Zaranek

CEO & Founder

Sasha Wait Zaranek

Chief Innovation Officer & Founder

Tom Clegg

Chief Architect & Founder

Ward Vandewege

Chief Technology Officer & Founder

Peter Amstutz

Principal Software Engineer

Lucas Di Pentima

Software Engineer

Javier Bértoli

Systems Engineer/DevOPs

Jiayong Li

Bioinformatics Scientist

Michael Crusoe


Luna Lunapiena

Web Developer

Stephen Smith

Software Engineer

We’re a fun, dynamic, international company of people excited about open science and open source technology. If you are interested in working at Curii, contact us.

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